Publication news: my speculative fiction stories “Manitee” and “The Remembery” have just been published in a brand new e-zine, Dark Edifice. They can be read freely here along with the rest of the inaugural issue. 

“Manitee” is something that originated in a dream, many years ago. I first wrote the story in 2001 (11 years ago!) and I rewrote it several times trying to get the ending right. I’m not sure I ever did, but I’m pleased to see this published at long last.

“The Remembery” is a newer story, which I wrote almost exactly two years ago. The story was awarded a Commended certificate in the 2010 Katharine Susannah Prichard Speculative Fiction Awards, so I’m glad to see it available to others to read.

The editors of Dark Edifice are looking for submissions for issue #2, slated for a July/August release, so get submitting!

Like it says, during Swancon (5 - 9th April) you can download and read my first novel, The Kingdom of Four Rivers, absolutely free. Here it is...

Or rather, here it was. Still available on Amazon for $2 though!